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Selasa, Maret 06, 2012

Before and After

            Andien and Jimmy are a couple. They have relationship during one year and they have commitment to keep that relationship. Before they made relationship, Jimmy said to Andien that someday he would go to Japan, he got job contract but he didn’t know when he must go there. She understood about it and she is promise if she will wait him until he is finishing his job. They are always together when they have free times or holiday.
They are having any similarity likes hobby, favorite foods, habitual and the others. They are also always smile, make some jokes, and ignorant. When he went to Surabaya, they are always communicating and he went home every week. After he knew when he would go to Japan in July, he asked Andien to be his fiancée and she accepted his request. Then, they were making an agenda for that event. But next month, his teacher said to him if the departure in Japan is canceled up to September or October.
August, he got report from his teacher if they would go to Japan at 12 October 2010. Before he went to Japan, he got 2 month for holiday and prepared. Andien and Jimmy are happy because they knew when he would go there. When 11 October 2010, they went to Surabaya because he must went to Surabaya that day but all of family went to Surabaya at 12 October 2010. They were enjoying that moment with jokes, suggestion, and the others. At 6 p.m. they must go to airport because the plane would take-off at 8.15 p.m. but he said goodbye to all of family at 7.30 p.m. because he would check in at 8p.m. She tried to not cry but when he stood up in front of her, she couldn’t hold back the tears and then crying.

Around of 3 or 4 years, she is always crying if she remember it. Someday when she opened a social network, she looked if he sent a message to her. She is very happy, he gave her a report. So she didn’t afraid because she knew his condition. Every week, he is always giving information to all of the family included me. Now, she can smile again. But she can’t go anywhere, because she accustomed if she go anywhere, she is always going with him. If she goes out with her friends, they are just taking some picture for adding the collection.
Andien and Jimmy are having commitment for keep the relationship when he is staying in here or in Japan. In fact, he doesn’t self to leave her for go there, but he must go there for doing his job. She understands about it and she just positive thinking about it. She thinks, no problems if he must go there for finish his duty because it also for the future and their schedules.

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